(afro + soulful + house) #042

This is a real harking back to the beginning of the show, I’d love to play lots and lots of afro house so Side A is packed full of afro house and soulful tracks that will leave you wishing you knew how to play the bongo! Side B is another journey altogether starting at soulful, going to house, visiting tech house and finishing with progressive. It’s a wicked mix and my transitions were on point! By thee way we are still in the charts, maintaining top 100 positions in the UK and Canada, thank you so much, we love you here at MissingLink! 😀

Here’s the link for the side A playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/21vOxMIeTBWTtANdTBk8LX?si=4DRtvWCbQeGZ2G2nQ0fqWQ

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