District on the radio #021

Welcome to District on the radio. London’s largest underground house music podcast has been taken over by the DJ collective “District”. 3 of their best DJ’s went to pirate studios Leicester, UK with me to record some killer guest mixes so you can experience a true underground sound. You are not going to hear anything like this anywhere else. Side A consists of me going through each DJ and a few details about them to give a small amount of context to Side B. Side B is the main event, 3 separate guest mixes of different styles over almost 2 hours, my longest Side B yet but don’t worry there is quality with this quantity. These guys from District have delivered.


District – follow_District

(14:00-49:00) Danamo – DanamoDJ

(49:00-1:22:00) Steve Ryan – iamsteveryan (facebook, instagram) steve_ryan (soundcloud, mixcloud)

(1:22:00-Finish) Mosko – follow_Mosko

Olie – Olie.views

It’s not possible to not enjoy this episode where underground music has it’s true calling!

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