(house + tech + minimal groove) #038

WOW! We are 51st in the Canadian charts for all time!! We’re one of the most popular shows of all time and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much, i’m sure you’re getting tired of it but its just surreal to me! Also were have maintained our positions in the UK and Australian charts which is awesome as well as just joining into the colombian charts at #36 in the country. Uhh now back to music…

This whole episode is a lot harder than the previous two, Side A is some serious house music full of gritty basslines but coupled with great funky vocal cuts and callbacks that gives serious energy to this first part of my underground show. Side B is a full on tech house and minimal groove mix designed for the underground clubs and festivals that go on till 6am smashing out rolling bassline’s matched with afro percussion, buildups and techy synths and inspiration. You know i like to change it up and this week is no exception.

Do enjoy ep #038 of london’s largest underground house music podcast!! 😀

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